exterior design of building
exterior design of building
Design and implementation of various types of buildings, classical, traditional and modern buildings
Modern architecture
Modern architecture
Exploration and production from the printing industry and using graphic designers. Printers and texts, as well as newspapers and magazines in columns and rows as needed
Interior decoration design
Interior decoration design
Design and implement a variety of modern and classical decorations

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Javad zaki

interior designer
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Hooman helmi

Expert Advisor
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Ali amini

Executive supervisor
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Alireza ebrahimi

Drawing design
Awat Architect Company is one of the top architects in Ahwaz, a subsidiary of Tamendo Consulting and Investment Company. The architectural firm, based on the day-to-day experience of the architectural world, has always been committed to implementing the most prominent projects, and has always tried to provide the best quality in the field of implementation and design of architecture and interior design.

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